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Doktorandenseminar/Doctoral seminar (Reading Group)

Course Outline

Periodic seminar sessions organized by the chair, where a speaker presents his/her research or some latest work. Students are also welcome to participate/attend. For participation students are required to mail the co-ordinator with a short background of their academic record and their motivation. Participating students will be intimated about the schedule for each session promptly via e-mail. Participating students can take this as a seminar of 5 ETCS credits.

As a seminar

In order to receive a seminar certificate counting for 5 credit points you have to fulfill the following tasks:

  • Read and present 3 papers in the area of algorithmic cryptography, which appeared in top tier conferences. You will decide which papers to present in accordance with us. Each presentation takes 30 minutes followed by a 30 minute discussion round. The presentation must be supported by slides. At least one week before the actual presentation you have to send the slides to us and you will get feedback on how to improve them.
  • You have to attend 4 more reading group sessions, i.e., 7 sessions in total. These do not have to be in a row. We count the sessions in which you are present.


Date Speaker Title More Info
16/12/2016 Bernardo Magri Redactable Blockchain – or – Rewriting History in Bitcoin and Friends Download paper

General Information